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Suitable for Lamborghini / Murcielago / Original (2001-2006)

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  Suitable for Lamborghini / Murcielago / Original (2001-2006)

Universal O2 SpacersUniversal O2 SpacersUniversal O2 Spacers

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday, 24 June, 2014.

Fabspeed Universal O2 Spacers

Part Number: FS.O2SS

Universal O2 Spacers lengthen the distance between the O2 sensor(s) and the exhaust flow in order to minimize Check Engine Light occurrences.


  • Fits most makes & models worldwide
  • Compatible with all Fabspeed Motorsport header, sportcat, and catbypass products
  • Minimizes the triggering of the CEL by moving the O2 sensor further from the exhaust stream.


$402.75 NZD

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