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Suitable for Ferrari / 360

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  Suitable for Ferrari / 360

Remote ControllerRemote ControllerRemote ControllerRemote Controller

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday, 22 June, 2011.

Capristo Remote Controller

Part Number: 04AZ00703002

In addition to our programmable control unit, we also have a simplified version to offer. Basically it can be attached on nearly all types of vehicles, which in-series have exhaust valves. Most of the in-series control units open and close the exhaust valves according to a set program pattern. With our control unit, we are able to control the flaps to open permanently, without the in-series control being able to intervene. When the exhaust valve system is closed again with the use of the remote control unit, then the in-series control unit will again take over the control of the exhaust valves.

Capristo Remote Control Manual

$1,546.20 NZD

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