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Suitable for Porsche / 911 Turbo / 997.1 (2006-2009)

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  Suitable for Porsche / 911 Turbo / 997.1 (2006-2009)

remote controller

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday, 09 February, 2016.

Cargraphic remote controller

Part Number: EXFLAPRC

Our programmable performance flap control system is a universal product to be fitted to cars that already have a standard built in system or come completely without. The performance flap control system includes two remote controls and works with two operational modes:

OPEN = Flap always open
AUTO = Flap opens and closes in relation to RPM and
              throttle position which is individually

This new innovative performance flap control system is designed to convert both the CAN-BUS and the analog RPM signal. This allows not only the use with older car electronics but also with the latest high tech CAN-BUS driven car control systems.
An easy installation is guaranteed

$1,836.75 NZD

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