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Suitable for Volkswagen / GOLF / Golf mk7 R

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  Suitable for Volkswagen / GOLF / Golf mk7 R

ValveTronic Muffler with MidPipe VW Golf 7 R MKIValveTronic Muffler with MidPipe VW Golf 7 R MKI

This product was added to our catalog on Friday, 24 May, 2019.

EVOX ValveTronic Muffler with MidPipe VW Golf 7 R MKI

Part Number: 939483

EVOX ValveTronic stainless steel mufflers for VW Golf 7 R MKI offer weight, power, torque and engine responsiveness improvements. 

To fully appreciate the sound of the soundtrack below, we invite you to listen with headphones 

This result is obtained by optimizing the dynamics of exhaust flow flows and reducing the back-pressure. 
The EVOX ValveTronic technology delivers unprecedented audio sensations controllable by remote control on two levels: 

  • In the Open position, your Golf makes the sound of a race car. The emotion and adrenaline rush at the same speed as the revs of your rev counter.
  • In Closed position, your Golf is sober, sensible. The metallic sound grain of the stainless steel is present with discretion and elegance for comfortable daily use. 

The sound of the EVOX ValveTronic Mufflers for VW Golf 7R MKI in Open position is abrupt, aggressive, metallic, captivating. Your car is truly metamorphosed.

Turbos choke and absorb much of the sound of the engine, the design of the EVOX ValveTronic Silencers for VW Golf 7 R MKI allows to obtain the expected result for a car at this level of performance.

EVOX is: 
• An incomparable temperament and character. 
• A new sound emotion. 
• A sensory experience increased tenfold. 

EVOX exhausts are made from a specific stainless steel alloy that is durable, resistant to heat and corrosion. The different parts are computer-designed with the latest 3D modelling technologies, each piece fits with maximum precision as seen with the original parts.

- Comes with Chrome Tips & Midpipe

76mm (3") Stainless Steel

$5,599.89 NZD

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