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Suitable for Alfa Romeo / 4C

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  Suitable for Alfa Romeo / 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C central exit Cat-back with O100 \Alfa Romeo 4C central exit Cat-back with O100 \Alfa Romeo 4C central exit Cat-back with O100 \

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday, 30 January, 2018.

Supersprint Alfa Romeo 4C central exit Cat-back with O100 "satin" tips

Part Number: 756304_831856


- Rear Exhaust

- Endpipes Kit Right + Left "Satin" O100

Supersprint Rear exhaust

The rear section is the first step of the R&D and the whole exhaust system optimization process.
The sporty sound is achieved from the accurate selection of the piping sections, of the unique inner silencer design, and dedicated to the specific vehicle model.
The same high care is kept The outlet style is determineed with the same care and ensures a pleasant car design customization, enhansing those features that makes it incomparable and second to none.
The installation procedure is easy and quick, because it exploits the same hangers of the stock exhaust.
No modifications, neither to the chassis, nor to the mechanical parts, are needed.

Every single safety features required from the car manufacturers are fully respected. No exceptions.
An example is the ideal tubing layout and the perfect thermal isolation from the eccessive temperatures in the critical positions of the mechanical parts.
In this case all the Supersprint exhaust components fulfill the strict JASO (Japanese car Industry) obligations in terms of fire dangers, in the event of an accident.
The material used, AISI 304 and AISI 409 hi-grade stainless steel, are exclusively genuine European products.
The tubing and the stainless foils thicknesses are accurately selected and are properly used to match every single Supersprint exhaust applications upon the desired features which have been decided during the R&D process.
The durability of the Supersprint exhausts is by far longer than any of the stock equipments and are fully guaranteed for a 36 month time, limit-free mileage.



Round, lipped, slash cut 100mm tailpipes.
Satin silver finish obtained through galvanic process, no paint involved.

Match the classic alloy wheels colour.



$2,499.39 NZD

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