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BEST EXHAUST are Supersprint's preferred distributor in New Zealand, as stated on the website.  BEST EXHAUST has been faithfully selling and supporting the Supersprint brand for nearly 10 years, and have a close and trusted relationship with the factory in Mantova, Italy.

A tradition of excellence built upon quality and performance. Supersprint Inc. was formed in 1955 with the objective of designing and building the highest quality exhaust systems in the world. That objective has been the driving force behind each Supersprint item from the first exhaust system built to those being developed for the future. When you purchase a Supersprint component or exhaust system you can be assured it is of the highest quality possible.

About Supersprint Supersprint’s commitment to quality involves every phase of development: Supersprint’s products are designed for performance.

Every Supersprint exhaust system has been researched, designed and tested to insure additional power and to enhance overall performance. All design is validated by extensive testing which includes hours of dyno testing on Supersprint's Maha 4-wheel chassis dynamometer. In fact no other exhaust manufacturer, race team engine testing department or car manufacturer has the performance evaluating experience of Supersprint. The Supersprint dyno performs over 1,000 test runs a year on a full range of automotive brands. We evaluate each manufacturer’s sports car models and all engine versions available.

This includes; 4 cylinder, V8, V10 and V12 engines with peak power ratings ranging from 4,000 to 9,000 RPM. Engines with 2,3,4 & 5 valve head designs, turbochargers, superchargers are tested as are normally aspirated, factory stock, and heavily modified engines. From the diminutive 54 hp. Fiat Cinquecento Sporting, 490 Hp modified “fire breathing” Dodge Viper, to the 4 wheel drive Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 liter rally race cars, Supersprint has experience designing and building the worlds highest quality exhaust components.

We at Supersprint are often called upon to provide closed-door dyno testing for the worlds top racing teams. Private teams and factory teams alike depend upon the extensive knowledge of Supersprint to prepare for, world class, rally and road race events. All this experience provides the Supersprint staff with a database of powerband information unequaled in the industry. Information that contributes to the design and production of each components and every exhaust system we produce.

Effect of chromium content on oxidation  

Unlike the countless competitors Supersprint has seen come and go since 1955, Supersprint does it’s homework on the dyno, the street and the track. Our extensive knowledge has been earned on thousands of cars around the world. This knowledge provides Supersprint with the uncanny ability to extract power from engines when other exhaust manufacturers can only produce higher noise levels. Supersprint products are developed around scientific knowledge not assumptions.

Race Systems

For weekend sport driving sessions at the race track or the occasional club race, catalytic converter replacing silencers and tubes are available for even more performance. These systems carry all gas metering devices just as OEM parts do and can be combined with our straight center tubes (no silencers) for race car sound and performance.

The Supersprint race systems (Group A) with “oversize tubes” are recommended exclusively for use on race cars, or street cars equipped with heavily modified engines (larger engine displacement, extreme cam timing, turbo conversions, and more). These systems are not legal for street use, but can be easily replaced with original parts for everyday driving.


  ISO9001   The quality certification ISO 9001, awarded to Supersprint by the FAK Pfalz, guarantees the highest standard efficiency of the research, development and manufacturing process. This certification attests that each single product fulfil the strict quality control specifications, determined by the latest E.E.C. guidelines. Each and every raw material batch, from stainless steel tubes to sound deadening rock wool packs, is carefully selected and examined prior being used, and all processing steps (bending, welding, chrome-plating, etc.) are performed following extremely demanding, superior quality standards.
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