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Suitable for Lamborghini / Gallardo / Original LP500 LP520 (2003-2008)

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  Suitable for Lamborghini / Gallardo / Original LP500 LP520 (2003-2008)

Tubi Style
Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe Exhaust (2006-2008)

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday, 24 January, 2012.

Tubi Style Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe Exhaust (2006-2008)

Part Number: TSLAGALC06.000.A

In our opinion a car with the curb appeal and performance of the Gallardo shouldn't have to be silenced, so we're huge fans of the Tubi Style muffler. You'll notice that a 2006 and newer Gallardo sounds a bit subdued when you see it driving around town. That's because Lamborghini equipped these newer models with vacuum actuated exhaust flappers to keep sound at a publicly acceptable level, while still allowing the exhaust to open up under load. The Tubi muffler replaces the massive factory rear muffler and eliminates the factory flappers, allowing the Gallardo's V10 to breath freely and dramatically improves exhaust sound. As with most Tubi systems, one of the things we like most about the Gallardo muffler is that it's not simply louder than the factory system. Tubi Style invests a lot of time actually engineering the internals of their mufflers so that the resulting sound suits the character and purpose of each vehicle. They then wrap those magical internals in beautifully polished stainless steel so that the muffler matches the craftsmanship and visual appeal of the car itself.

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